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Only Star Weekly 2009.03

Posting Mei-chan no Shitsuji and a bunch of Kansai guys cause Ueda, Arashi, Voice and Uta no onii-san have already been done.
Also Yamamoto Yusuke is here.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji : Mizushima Hiro || Mameshiba! Sato Takeru || Eikura Nana
Kansai dorks : Kanjani∞ || Okura Tadayoshi || JrockDream Matchy '09 feat Subaru and Tsubasa

300dpi approx 1600 x 2100 - Only scanned the big photos
Click on caps for bigger preview

Mei-chan no Shitsuji 3,6 MO

Kansai ikemen 7,84 MO

I actually thought Ryo drew better than Yasu here...but Yasu's good at calligraphy like Tsuyoshi right? Oh and also comics. But not real face? Woops not KAT-TUN related sorry, pun not-intended...

And Genta ♥♥♥

And yes Matchy isn't kansai, nor is Tsubasa, but Subaru just stepped in and I couldn't fight against it so...

Please comment when taking. And just credit me if re-post. No HOTLINKING PLZ

Please don't add me because of this; also please read this HERE to know why
Tags: dramas, kanjani8, okura tadayoshi, scans

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